Thread types and performance

Here’s a table of key performance charachteristics by thread types. 

  Polyester Rayon  
Colorfastness Colorfast, will not

fade, can be bleached.

Some colors may bleed,

but rare.  Possible fading over time.

Strength &


Stronger and more durable

than Rayon thread.  Can be run at higher embroidery machine speeds.

Less durable than polyester, but may

create less wear and tear on machines.

Cost Less expensive than Rayon thread. Slightly more expensive than polyester,

although cost per garment difference is minimal.

Elasticity/Stretch More elastic than Rayon. 

Not as good for embroidering intricate details.

Less elastic, ideal for sewing small details on embroidery designs.
Sheen Less lustrous than Rayon, although improvements have been made. More lustrous than polyester.