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“Say It In Stitches is a professional embroidery operation. You have consistently produced excellent work in accordance with our growing demands...” Sharp Marketing
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Our world class digitizers combine knowledge of the embroidery process, a keen artistic flair, and intimate knowledge of digitizing software and productivity tools.

Custom Digitizing

Even the most capable custom embroiderer cannot produce terrific results without the skill and knowledge of an experienced digitizer. Digitizing is the conversion of your artwork into the digital commands that an embroidery machine's computer reads in order to create embroidered designs. Everything from stitch type and density to color selection and proper sequencing, terrific digitizing requires a combination of artistic flair and an in-depth understanding of the physical challenges involved in going from print to a fabric and thread.

While the embroidery may get all the attention, quality results begin with quality digitizing. Say it in Stitches employs experienced, award-winning digitizers to ensure your design will embroider perfectly every time. We differentiate ourselves and our clients by producing only beautiful, expertly designed and embroidered logo apparel – and here's how:

Special fabrics – we excel at digitizing for a range of fabrics such as terrycloth, velour, open weave piques, silks, fleece, leather and others is crucial to the outcome of the embroidered design. Not to mention specialty items now being considered for embroidery such as ties, lingerie, luggage, slippers and bags of all types.

Intricate logos -when a logo requires small lettering, tiny details, color blends, shadowing and fades, we use exclusive techniques to achieve results that are second-to-none.

No short cuts -Say it in Stitches sticks to strategically placing the stitches from point to point on a digitizing tablet or computer screen. This ensures full coverage of the target embroidery field, smooth and not jagged letters, and that detail is captured even in the smallest spaces. While some facilities or lower-end embroiderers scan an image into an automated digitizing program, or employ inexpensive overseas outsourced digitizing services, Say it in Stitches believes there are no short-cuts to quality.

All digitizing is guaranteed to your satisfaction, and you own the digitized design or file once it is completed.

If you do not have your own design, you may choose from our library of more than 30,000 pre-digitized stock logos. Search for an appropriate logo by keyword, let us know the corresponding design number through our Quote Form, and we will take care of the rest from there.

  We are extremely proud of our collection of more than 12,000 custom embroidery designs which showcase extensive contract embroidery client portfolio.

Requesting a quote for contract digitizing and contract embroidery services is easy.