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The Failure Trap

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Welcome back friends from the long weekend.  Today’s post is focused on “time traps” I’ve read a great book written by Todd Duncan called Time Traps – Proven Strategies for Swamped Sales People. (available on-line at Amazon or Borders) The author lays out 8 “time traps” that stop of us from achieving our goals.  The one I’m going to focus on today is called The Failure Trap

The Failure Trap:  Stop wasting time worrying about yesterday.  Discovery how to make the most of the only moment you can do anything about: This Moment.  I know….easier said than done.  The point here is no regrets.  Learn from your past and from your mistakes and move forward. Stop wasting time.  I’ll leave you with a quote in the chapter.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.  Failure is a delay, but not defeat.  It is a temporary detour, not a dead end street.”   – william ward

Part 3 of 4 – 16 Strategies to Jumo Start Sales

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

9. Consider Charitable work to make contacts – Pro Bono work, a little extra work for fundraisers will go along way to building your database and future sales.

10.  Mine your own clients – Try not to stick to one contact.  Try to get contacts from other departments.  You never know when your trusted insider will split for greener pasture.  In investment terms, a little diversification within each client is great strategy

11.  Share the pain – Times are tough go back to suppliers and renegotiate

12.  Know your customers personality style – Adjust your pitch accordingly.  Treat other as they want to be treated, not as you want to be treated.

Originally printed in Advantages Magazine by Sara Welch

16 Strategies to Jump Start Sales – Part 2

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Part 2 of 4, #’s 5 – 8

5.  Network with like minded individuals – continue to meet new people.  Lots of good literature out there on this topic.

6.  Start an idea file – If you’re like me ideas come to me all the time, keep notes so you can actually execute on them

7.  Make one extra sales call per day – easy to say, much harder to do

8.  Organize and purge your customer database – spend some time each week garbage in, garbage out

This was written by Sara Welch for Advantages magazine 

Office Depot selects Say it in Stitches

Friday, July 30th, 2010
National custom embroiderer inks deal to provide embroidery for corporate and client products

 (July 27, 2010) – Say it in Stitches (, a premier full-service contract embroidery and digitizing services company, has been selected by Office Depot to provide contract embroidery services for branded apparel and accessories. Through the partnership, Say it in Stitches will embroider shirts, hats and other accessories to fulfill Office Depot’s internal needs as well as for the company’s clients served through the Copy & Print Depot group.
“We’re proud to secure this partnership with Office Depot in the Southeast, especially because we know by way of the thorough benchmarking process that they value quality vendors,” said Alex Fernandez, CEO of Say it in Stitches (SIIS).

After initial testing to showcase its embroidery quality, Say it in Stitches began work on branded items associated with Office Depot’s corporate NASCAR sponsorship, and will continue to provide services for other corporate needs. In addition, Office Depot’s “Copy & Print Depot” group, which offers custom promotional products for clients, will utilize Say it in Stitches for embroidery services on products it sells to Office Depot clients.

For more than 15 years, Say it in Stitches has digitized a multitude of logos under license and produced decorated apparel for many licensed brands.


Thread types and performance

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Here’s a table of key performance charachteristics by thread types. 

  Polyester Rayon  
Colorfastness Colorfast, will not

fade, can be bleached.

Some colors may bleed,

but rare.  Possible fading over time.

Strength &


Stronger and more durable

than Rayon thread.  Can be run at higher embroidery machine speeds.

Less durable than polyester, but may

create less wear and tear on machines.

Cost Less expensive than Rayon thread. Slightly more expensive than polyester,

although cost per garment difference is minimal.

Elasticity/Stretch More elastic than Rayon. 

Not as good for embroidering intricate details.

Less elastic, ideal for sewing small details on embroidery designs.
Sheen Less lustrous than Rayon, although improvements have been made. More lustrous than polyester.